How to Begin your Narrative Essays

All narrative writings that are good have to get the attention of the person reading the essay from the beginning. A great school or narrative writing that is very good must have the ability to do something (get the readers’ attention). The person reading the essay has to find the essay very interesting and exciting to read. Still, the reader must also have his opinion of determining whether the essay is worth reading just by reading the essay’s first five lines. If the first lines of your essay are too complicated or challenging to understand, then the remaining part of your essay is ruined.

It insinuates that whatever the writer is writing, the paragraph must be catchy and very interesting to read because this will determine if the reader will continue reading your work. Now, if you are among those writers that find it hard to write an introduction for themselves, then this article is meant for you. 

Specifics of narrative essays

Narrative essays are extraordinary kinds of papers that are meant to expand how a student thinks and how he or she imagines. When writing essays, students will have to write about either real or fictional events in the form of stories that will include;

  1. Catchy introductions.
  2. Plotline.
  3. An atmosphere.
  4. A climax.
  5. Conclusion.

A narrative essay is normally written down according to the first person because it talks about one’s life experiences.

Start with quotes

When one starts an essay with a quote, it makes the introduction look very catchy to read. This trick not only works for narrative essays, but it also works for other essays. Starting with a quote is good, but the writer is supposed to pick any random quote from anywhere. Make sure that the quote that you will use is corresponding to the rest of the essay. Such it makes sense to the reader. 

Finding quotes is not an easy task because there are so many quotes out there that one can use for their essays. And there those quotes that writers use frequently. If you are stuck looking for quotes, a tip is to be patient or consider the following websites. 

  1. Wisdom quotes
  2. Brainy quotes
  4. Goodreads.

Start with anecdotes

Anecdotes are concise stories that describe events, situations, or experiences that are personal. When these anecdotes are used in essays, they help the writer put the reader in a specific state or particular atmosphere. Those anecdotes that are meant to make the readers laugh other anecdotes are used to pass a specific message to the audience. Anecdotes can be sad, tragic, or even odd. 

Begin with statistics

There is a thinking that most students have that when one begins with statistics, it is only meant for research papers and other essays. The good news here is that one can also use statistics to start narrative essays too.

Start with questions

When a writer begins his essay with a question, the person reading to wonder what the answer is. It is a common element the most writers use to engage their readers.


Typically beginning an essay is not easy; this is why most students seek help and assistance from external sources like websites and books. Not every time, one will come up with very attractive and appealing introductions. That is why writing the first line of an introduction is hard.