Black And White Cat Outline

Cats not often make any noise while walking or running. They have bright eyes. They have a good vision power that is the reason why they can even see in the dark. Given here the Black And White Cat Outline images and pictures for you to introduce them to your kids. By seeing these outline images they can practice drawing.

    Though cats steal food from your kitchen and are very savagely fierce at times, generally they are gentle and playful. Kids love to play with them. Given here are the simple Black And White Cat Outline pics. These images can be downloaded, printed and shared.

    Cats can survive on uncooked meat alone without water. It is thought this is due to their desert-dwelling roots.

    A cat can be either right-pawed or left-pawed

    The reason why kittens sleep a lot is because their growth hormones are only released during this time.

    A cat sees about 6 times better than a human at night.

    Cats are able to jump up to six times their own length.

    All kittens are born with blue eyes.

    The largest wildcat today is the Siberian Tiger, which can weigh up to 423kg.

    Ancient Egyptians believed worshiped cats were sacred animals.

    Many cat breeds coats trap water, which helps them keeping warm in cooler temperatures.

    A fifteen year old cat has probably spent ten years of its life sleeping.

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